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Welcome to the Bospop website. If you have any questions which are not answered below, please contact VVV Weert: tel. 0031-495-536800

The Bospop rock festival, which will be held for the 33th time on 13 & 14 July 2013, has made a name for itself thanks to its easy-going atmosphere. This festival, which was started as a small-scale festival for mainly regional amateur bands in 1980 on a DIY stage has now grown into a big musical event with bands of international fame which has won itself a permanent listing on the festival calendar. The headliners which have played Bospop include Neil Young, Santana, Sting, The Doors, Deep Purple, Zucchero, Simple Minds, ZZ-TOP, INXS, Toto, UB40, Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, Status Quo, Bryan Adams, Golden Earring, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, K's Choice, The Gathering, Lenny Kravitz, Alanis Morissette, Joe Cocker, John Fogerty, Dreamtheater and many others.

In spite of the growing number of visitors Bospop has always managed to keep its pleasant and intimate atmosphere. That's why Bospop has for years been considered one of the most enjoyable festivals in the Netherlands.

Bospop is known for its good facilities which are available during the festival. You can find the following in and around the Bospop grounds:

  • Night café 
  • Breakfast and shower facilities 
  • Sufficient toilets (for ladies and the disabled too) 
  • A raised wheelchair platform 
  • Guarded car parks 
  • Guarded motorbike & bike park 
  • Campsites (prior reservation obligatory) 
  • Festival market 
  • Food stalls (plenty of choice) 
  • Drinks facilities
  • The bands which have been confirmed so far: Click here

Saturday 13 July: € 59,-  excl. service charges.
Sunday 14 July: € 59,-  excl. service charges.

2-day ticket: € 100 excl. service charges.  Only in presale

Tickets bought at the ticket boxes on the festival grounds cost: € 69.

You can find a full listing of pre-sales addresses:  Click here
Or buy directly online at

The campsite has toilets, washbasins and showers with hot water. The toilets and washbasins can be used for free, 24 hours a day. The rate for taking a hot shower is just one drinks/food voucher. And of course, the campsite also has its own shop. An all-weekend pitch on the campsite is €12 a person.
Our campsites are managed by volunteers who will do their utmost to make sure that you have a very enjoyable and pleasant stay. Please enter into the friendly spirit of the event and respect our volunteers and other Bospop guests. The entrance to the campsite is guarded by security staff 24/7.

Note: you can only buy tickets for the campsite via the following official sales point:

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You will find the festival grounds layout, including the campsites, under the "Route" button. This can be quite handy if ever you're lost... You can also ask our campsite stewards for help.

The Bospop campsite opens on Friday 12 July at 10.00 a.m. It closes on Monday 15 July at 12.00 a.m.

Pre-sales regular and camper campsite ticket prices:
(available until Wednesday 10 July)

  • REGULAR CAMPSITE ticket per person  €12 (excl. service charges) 
  • CAMPER CAMPSITE ticket €15 (excl. service charges) Note: this amount is for a pitch on the campsite for one folding caravan, camper or caravan including one person.
  • All other people that belong to the camper, caravan or folding caravan have to buy a REGULAR CAMPSITE ticket.

The above tickets apply to all ages and are valid for the entire weekend, irrespective of the number of nights.
Prices of regular and camper campsite tickets bought at the ticket office on the festival grounds:

  • REGULAR CAMPSITE ticket per person € 20. 

  • CAMPER Campsite ticket €20. Note: this amount is for a pitch on the campsite for one folding caravan, camper or caravan including one person. All other people that belong to the camper, caravan or folding caravan have to buy a REGULAR CAMPSITE ticket.

The above tickets apply to all ages and are valid for the entire weekend, irrespective of the number of nights.

Separate camper / caravan / folding caravan / motorbike campsite:
A Camper Campsite ticket qualifies you to one pitch on the special Camper Campsite next to the campsite for tents. The pitch is 45 m².
The following is allowed on your pitch:

  • 1 camper/caravan/folding caravan + 1 tent or caravan awning - max. 45 m² 
  • 2 motorbikes + 1 tent OR 2 tents + 1 motorbike - max. 45 m² 
  • Park your car in the car park (i.e. not next to your caravan). The car park is within walking distance, i.e. approx. 300 metres. 
  • There is a special campsite for recreational vehicles, campers, caravans, folding caravans and motor bikes (where converted vans, MPVs, trailers and estate cars/station wagons will NOT be admitted)! Only vehicles agreed by the Dutch RDW or other national government road transport agencies as recreational vehicle/caravan will be admitted. 
  • The maximum length allowed for a camper/caravan is 8.5 metres. 
  • If your vehicle is longer than 8.5m, then contact us by mail to so that we can take this into account. 
  • Built-in beer tap and music systems are not allowed. 
  • The costs of removal of any caravans left behind after the festival will be charged to the owner.

Disabled/Less able-bodied people
A separate area on the campsite near the washrooms and the First Aid facilities has been reserved for disabled and less able-bodied people. The washrooms feature a special flushing toilet and shower. For further information:

If you come by motorbike, you can:

  • either buy a camper campsite ticket that entitles you to a pitch for your motorbike + 2 tents OR 2 motorbikes + 1 tent on the camper campsite. 

  • or you park your motorbike in the bike parking area and stay on the regular campsite for bikes. In this latter case you will not be camping next to your motorbike.


Why not book a weekend's or week's stay at Roompot holiday park Weerterbergen? It’s only 7 km from the festival grounds and there are bikes for rent. You can also order your festival tickets as part of your cottage booking without extra service charges. And you will also get an attractive discount on your daily tickets!

Further info and online bookings

The following items will NOT be allowed to the campsites:
Glass, large gas bottles, generator sets, barbecues, lamp oil. In addition, we expect everyone to behave properly and to clean up their own mess. Sufficient showers and breakfast facilities are available.


   “Muze van de nacht“ 
    door Paul Sterk
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